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It is a treatment in which the affected or necrotic (dead) pulp tissue found inside the tooth ducts is removed, this tissue is comprised of blood vessels and nerves, so when it is affected by various reasons, there is presence of intense to moderate pain.

When the treatment is done we remove the affected part, clean and widen the root canal with the appropriate instruments and material. The duct is then sealed perfectly with a thermoplastic material (gutta percha) and cement.
It is necessary to use  x-rays in the different stages . In this way,  the tooth is prepared to be restored. Endodontic teeth may require the placement of a crown for aesthetic and functional purposes.

This treatment is very important in the conservation of teeth.

We have specialized equipment to perform endodontic treatments, which help us to determine a correct working length (apical locator) and a fast instrumentation by means of a rotating and reciprocating electric motor.

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